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Danielle Dabley

Clinical Psychologist | Certified Schema Therapist

Danielle is a friendly psychologist, who values the importance of providing a safe and inclusive therapeutic space. 

Danielle commenced her career as a mental health social worker and worked in the public hospital system for over 8 years across community mental health and crisis emergency teams. Through her experience, she was drawn to the significant impact that mental health, in particular trauma, had on her clients’ lives, and yet their ability for restorative growth and healing. 

These experiences drew her to further develop her skills in the field of clinical psychology and to specialise in Schema Therapy, which addresses the underlying factors that drive unhelpful life patterns that become obstacles to achieving purposeful change. She also incorporates Dialectic Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Bachelor of Social Work. Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Honours). Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology).